Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Is having a second baby a harder decision than the first?

Deciding to begin a family is one of the most pivotal decisions a person can make. Your first child changes your entire life in more ways than can be counted. It is hard to imagine that when the time comes to make a decision about having a second baby, it seems the decision can sometimes be even bigger than the first time around. Questions arise in new areas. What is the proper spacing between siblings? How will this change the one-on-one connection with the first child? Is it possible to love a second child as much as you love the first?

As points out in the article "Whether to have another child"

In the end, what is best for the family is not whether you actually do or don't have a second child. It is how that question is handled. It can become a power struggle, a source of battle, or a template for how future conflicts between family members are resolved. If you approach each other with compassion, respect, and a willingness to listen, the two of you can work this out in a way that strengthens both your relationship and the family.

Whether it is a harder decision to add a child to the family varies by family. Talk with others, talk with your spouse and understand that there's no right answer. Be open, and honest and remember that you are simply deciding what is right for you and your family.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Baby GoGo Review & Giveaway at Multiples and More!

Multiples and More has a great review of Baby GoGo along with a giveaway. Visit the Multiples and More blog to see Baby GoGo in action. The pictures are worth it. Good luck!