Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Are we equipped to raise a generation of majority minorities?

The fact is, that while we read articles about the end of an age where the word “majority” meant that if we produced a doll with a light skin color, it would appeal to the largest piece pie on the demographic chart. The America that newborns are arriving into today, has already experienced the dynamic shift from the demographic the majority of America identified with of the past. As parents who may have experienced American life from either the majority or minority perspective begin to raise children, it is important to consider that these children will grow to have a completely different relationship with words like majority and minority. These definitions including how the newest generation learn to self-identify with them, is already taking a strickingly different shape.

Are we equipped to raise a generation that does not, and will not, subscribe to our previously accepted definitions, perspectives or self-identification on the most basic of social, racial, and gender identified terms? Consider, that a trend like U.S. Moves towards 'Majority Minority' is happening here, and is not a message sent from a far edge of the globe. It is in fact happening right here and now and is already effecting the youngest members of your family whether you’ve taken the time to consider it or not. If you are sitting with your coffee and considering it’s impact at this moment, than yes, we are ready.

Many individuals and businesses have already taken a leading role in helping the parents of this newborn generation to be raised and educated with the perspectives that their generation will own. Stephanie Oppenheimer reviews gender-neutral toys to help parents navigate the current reality of this new American generation. Baby GoGo is a passionate project that the Winchester family has produced with an ambiguous olive skin tone and no gender limiting pink or blue overtones so that every modern American family, can introduce a doll that every American child can self identify with.

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