Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Should this two-year old boy be allowed to push a stroller?

I had a friend tell me recently that her two-year-old son really wanted a toy stroller, but her husband didn’t want the son to have it. I know he is an excellent, hands-on father, so I suggested that my friend ask her husband if he was embarrassed to be seen pushing their child in the stroller. I am sure his answer was no. So, why would it be an issue for his son to push a stroller—especially a gender-neutral one?

Perhaps I don’t entirely understand men, but it makes me wonder--Do some grown men still have this macho notion of themselves that they want to project on to their sons? Do fathers not realize that they are at their absolute most attractive to their wives when they are hands on with their children? I say to men, embrace fatherhood and let your sons embrace nurturing play. In the end, it will bring them more comfort and confidence in life and, especially, in their role as fathers. Isn’t confidence at the core of masculinity?


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